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Anyone planning to move to Germany for a while with their family will need to get to grips with the German school system. State schools, private schools and international schools can all be found here. The type of school that will best suit your needs will depend on how long you plan to be in Germany, how old your children are and how well they speak German. Most Germans send their children to a state school. These are free of charge and offer a high-quality education.

Though lessons are normally taught in German, German courses are often also available for foreigners. Further information can be obtained from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. A state school may well be a good option if you plan to stay in Germany for a long time and your children already speak German. Although private schools charge tuition fees, they receive state subsidies to ensure that they are accessible to wide sectors of the population.

Free University Tuition: A Cautionary Note from Germany

Pupils have to undergo an admissions procedure. Information about private schools: privatschulen. International schools are to be found mainly in big cities such as Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt, which are home to many expats. The advantage of such schools is that pupils are taught in English or their mother tongues. They can then transition seamlessly to another international school if they move with their family to a different country.

The qualifications obtained at such schools are internationally recognised.

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These schools are a good option if you are not planning to remain in Germany for very long and are prepared to pay the school fees. If you are interested in a particular school, visit it during lesson time, talk to the head teacher, and find out:. How Germany ticks close. Germany and Europe. Development and Dialogue.

If I bring my bottle, where would I fill it? Your best bet is probably to buy gallons of filtered water from a local market and use it to refill your carry along bottle with when you are back at your resting area. Thank you very much for sharing that interesting experience. I come from Germany but live in Thailand and go to school here.

Every 6 months I go back to my hometown Wiesbaden near Frankfurt. I realized even if the quality of the tap water is very good, everybody in my family is drinking bottled water, and that just because of personal preferences.

Maybe they have installed a more modern water delivery filtration system that is more health conscious. The world today is rapidly moving towards health and wellness awareness. Do let us know how your paper comes along. I have a question. We have German friends from Berlin arriving in a week. The husband told me that he drinks water out of the tap. Does that mean mineral water.

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I only drink bottled water when we are traveling and tap water is not readily available. Yes, if a German says that he only drinks water with gas, it means he only drinks carbonated mineral water. Perhaps some Germans can tell about brands of water that are widely available in the USA and also in Germany.

I understand that bottled water anywhere is bad due to the plastic that leeches chemicals. Glass is best! Glass is best. Water out of a tap is prone to contaminants based on the pipes that it was going through and the treatment process for sanitizing. Water all over the world is in jeopardy of industrial contamination too. The difference in taste of water and probably also the effect on the infusion of the Colombian lady above is due the different content of minerals in it as the water derives from different sources.

But back on topic: I drink both carbonated and tap water. Thanks for the reassurance that the tap water in Germnay is of the highest quality. It is possible that when this article was conceived many years ago that the water conditions were different. As civilization evolves sanitation advancements will surely create differences in opinion based in personal experience.

Yes, here in US, we are spoiled- most restaurants will offer free tap water with ice and lemon. But today… I cannot imagine unsafe tap water in Germany if somebody does not agree with this, I would suggest them to visit China, Shanghai in perticular.

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My family has been using these for years and years in Europe and US. Not long time ago Brita introduced a small watter bottle-filter for travellers. Thanks for the great info! You are right — there are some very poor water conditions in many places of the world. Most industrialized nations have pretty effective filtration systems. Many people have MUCH higher standards for drinking water than a municipal source.

This is what makes water filters, in their many, many various forms, such a great tool!

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I am glad I found all these comments about the water in Germany as I will be traveling to Munich and Passau July th for a short business trip. I am from the US and live in a rural area where we have our own well so the water I drink has natural minerals in it. I travel to China about once a year and know that the water there cannot be consumed without being boiled so I was relieved to find the information I did here about the water in Germany. Thanks to all who shared their experiences and knowledge on the topic. Thanks for sharing. In Munich now and was wondering if the water from tap is safe to drink.

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Got my answer! All of above is very good information. Most views seem to favor using the tap water. What are you thoughts about using tap water in a 4-star hotel bathroom for purposes of taking medicinal pills, brushing teeth, etc? Those regulations go back to the early 70s, so it is not a new phenomenon. The exceptions are some areas where the water is not suitable for babys due to some natural radiation in the groundwater.

But apparently tap water was unsafe in the years or even a decade after the war. Maybe this is where the preference for bottled water comes from, or maybe it was just great marketing by the bottled water industry.