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Online reports that Dave Matthews Band put its entire catalog online today after making a deal to sell its music through the iTunes store. William G. Boykin has been on the down-low for a couple of years after comments he made about a Somali warlord were interpreted as anti-Muslim. Thursday, April 6 Film festival comes to Jesus As it wanders out of the desert of its adolescence, like so many before it, the Virginia Film Festival now entering its 19th year has found the Lord.

Visit vafilm. Through sheer pushiness, he became a leading broker of cellular licenses, according to reporter Paul Starobin. He can intimidate, badger, cajole, whine—whatever is necessary to get the buyer to buy and the seller to sell. Sunday, April 9 Mild temperatures portend bad summer fortunes The hundreds of families enjoying local parks and fields today, with temperatures rising into the 60s, no doubt kept the ominous implications of all this nice spring weather far from their minds.

Despite power-disrupting thunderstorms intermittently on Friday and Saturday, the area remains extremely dry. Yet the information is available to anyone in the public who wants a closer look. Aching to build?

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The core property, Morven Farm, was intended to be kept by UVA and used for educational purposes; the rest of the land could be sold off. Viewmont, however, is not the sort of property one imagines Hurt would want among his holdings, because the current development possibilities are limited. The difference, 66 acres, is the only acreage currently open to development without restriction.

Does Dr. He could not be reached for comment by press time. According to Albemarle County, no plans have been submitted for the property, yet. However, Viewmont is certainly a parcel to watch. The opening is in conjunction with a study to determine if the crossing helps traffic flow between Market and Water street parking garages.

Department of State Police

The crossing will be opened May 1, once traffic is rerouted. With the goal of reducing traffic along the Route 29 corridor, the Hillsdale Drive Extension has been in the works for five years as a one-mile addition that will connect Greenbrier Drive to Hydrau-lic Road.

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With the alignment now agreed upon, the design phase of the road and landscaping can begin. Planners expect 8, cars to use the two-lane, low-speed road each day. Albemarle Place is the up-scale retail complex planned for the intersection of Hydraulic Road and Route Charles Rotgin of Great Eastern Management Company owns Seminole Square, the shopping center currently anchored by Giant, and he says that when the road is finished in , it could create opportunities for redevelopment within Seminole Square. According to Thompson, drivers are already speeding through the residential areas and running stop signs.

Originally proposed by Bern Ewert, the former Deputy City Manager who is now running for the Democratic nomination for the Fifth District Congressional seat, the two-lane, truck-free, mph parkway would begin at the new North Grounds connector on the Bypass and end in Green County, just north of Ruckersville.

Address: Research Park Blvd. My weight is thrown right! My stomach feels a little queasy. Seasick prone? Every Wednesday for 10 weeks officers will spend a day at the track, located at the shiny new Shenandoah Speedway near Elkton, channeling Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Well, maybe not Dale—in reality, the driving is way more stop-and-go than the Daytona The morning session is spent on three courses that test skills such as backing up, maneuvering in tight quarters and making three-point turns. The second half of the day is spent concentrating on swerving and lane changes at higher speeds, simulating, for example, the effect of a deer darting into the road. James Bond, who is in charge of the program. They could be driving eight to 12 hours a day and encounter many unusual situations [throughout the course of] each day.

According to court documents, in June the Patent Foundation granted Nascent exclusive rights to certain patents assigned to a number of its products. At this point, UVA and Nascent agreed on a two-year grace period to give Nascent more time to secure financing for the projects. However, when that two years was up, Nascent terminated the license agreement and, UVA alleges, still did not settle their debt.

The water just keeps getting hotter for President Bush these days. While critics contend the president has overstepped his bounds with unauthorized wiretaps on U.

Important Caveats

Turner says history tells us Dubya can do just about anything he wants when it comes to national security. FISA cannot take away independent presidential power. Every court to consider it has said that the president has a statute to do this [wiretapping. We have to have a general who is empowered. Can we trust the government? There are hundreds of people involved in the National Security Agency. If something really evil were going on here, somebody would be blowing the whistle on it. The year-olds were tried along with a year-old—who was also found guilty in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court; the outcome for the year-old became public a week earlier, when the trial had ended.

A year-old also charged pleaded guilty from the outset. Because the trial for the two year-olds and the year-old had been closed, prosecutors and defense attorneys were initially under the impression that talking publicly about the case was off limits entirely.

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No one was saying whether the teens had been convicted, or even if the case had ended. The lack of information fueled an uproar among parents, teachers and students wondering how safe they could—or should—feel in the County schools. However, his defense attorney, Llezelle Dugger, asked to postpone the hearing in order to have more time to look into treatment options. His sentencing was rescheduled for April He faces detention until he turns On Saturday, April 8, after a car chase that ended at a farm on Hansens Mountain Road with the suspect abandoning his vehicle and trying to flee on foot, County cops with a little help from their K-9 companions arrested Albemarle resident Joseph Osborne on charges of breaking and entering, forcible sodomy and assault and battery.

According to the County, the po-lice had responded to a call for a sexual assault on Ridgeway Lane, east of Pantops. Osborne allegedly broke into the house and sodomized the year-old victim. The girl described her attacker in detail, and police used this information to identify the suspect, who they believed they saw fleeing the scene in a red Honda. He is currently being held at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional jail without bond. News and World Report.

Though most college experts caution prospective students to ignore these flawed lists, the Board of Visitors acknowledged at its regular meeting last week that a high rank is good ad-vertising. So how can we influence the rankings? Gomez says the key to higher rankings is hiring and retaining professors who win big awards or write research papers that get cited by other scientists. Specifically, Gomez says UVA should try to identify those departments likely to be highly ranked, then throw money into new buildings and better faculty for them.

To do this requires more resources. Say goodbye to Florida! Who am I supposed to be working with? In a tradition nearly as old as UVA itself, a new class of the best and brightest students have received their Lawn acceptance letters.

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But we do know that they will be walking a path taken by many notable names. The jury is still out on whether Poe picked up the opium habit on the Lawn or the Range. One notable alum who did not make the cut: Marvin Bush. Volcom, a company that makes surfer clothes. That performance was typical for MII. How do a bunch of college students pull off the kind of investment success that eludes professionals on Wall Street? When they raved, he presented his four-page research to MII. Not that MII has an unfailing Midas touch.

This is the first comprehen-sive camera surveillance system in City schools, but it may not be the last.

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The expenditure may prove unnecessary, however, as states can use grant money from the federal No Child Left Behind Act to buy surveillance cameras, as well as to buy and install other security devices, such as metal detectors and electronic locks. Lou Bograd was the lone dissenting vote on the School Board.

Another important factor, he notes, is the effect on school cul-ture.