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HireRight is a provider of on-demand employment background checks. View Profile. AccurateNow provides employment background check services to small and medium-sized businesses. GoodHire is an employment screening solution for businesses across various industries. Checkr provides compliance background checks for global enterprises and startups. Prices are customized. ClearStar offers drug testing, identity and employment checking, education verification, vendor risk management, and more. Verified First provides customizable pre-employment background screening solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Sterling Talent Solutions offers identity and education verification, as well as criminal records checking. CareerBuilder Employment Screening provides pre-employment background screening solutions for businesses of all sizes. Endera is a cloud-based insider risk assessment platform for businesses of all sizes. Precise Hire offers criminal records check, and personal and educational verifications. Scott-Roberts and Associates is a provider of background screening products and services.

First Advantage provides pre-employment criminal background screening, fingerprinting, fleet compliance services, and more. You could settle for almost any background check service, but you open yourself up to potential legal trouble or inaccurate information.

Choosing the best background check service for small business employers like GoodHire is the first step in choosing the best employee for your business. GoodHire gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision, and compliance is at the top of its priorities.

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Best Background Check Services for Small Business A background check service for small business tells you everything you need to know about an applicant before you hire them. What is your budget for a single background check? Are you hiring for a medical positions and need to see if an applicant has any healthcare exclusions medical sanctions?

Are you requiring applicants to take a drug screening? Wonderful customer service. I love that I can send a consent form over email. The reports are designed in a way that is easy to understand.

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Try it for yourself. All rights reserved. Get Started. Check now to see if you are eligible for expungement or one of our other services by taking this confidential and free evaluation Get started on your new life. Illinois Compiled Statutes Section 5. Therefore if you do have a conviction on your record, you will likely not be eligible for expungement in Illinois, but you may be eligible for record sealing.

So if you had a case in Illinois the disposition must be something other than a conviction. The following dispositions should qualify you for expungement:. Your records will not be eligible for expungement if it is for a DUI or a sexual offense committed against a minor even if ordered to court supervision for these offenses. If you have a previous conviction expungement will not be available to you. If your arrest or charge resulted in an acquittal, dismissal, your release without being charged or with a reversal or vacation of a conviction, you can file your petition for expungement of such records right away with no waiting period.

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If you were ordered to court supervision and you successfully completed it, then you have to wait anywhere from 2 to 5 years to petition depending on what your charge was. If you were ordered to court supervision for a reckless driving charge prior to the age of 25 and completed the supervision successfully, you cannot petition for expungement until after you reach the age of If your case is expunged in Illinois, you can apply for a job and not disclose the case.

When an expungement is granted, the records are destroyed and your name is removed from the case index. With more than 80 percent of employers conducting background checks, expungement is a great investment, especially since employers are not able to ask if you have had anything expunged. Expungement cases in Illinois usually take about 4 to 5 months, except in Cook County which can take twice as long. Each court varies depending on how many cases they have received and how busy they are.

Currently, Cook County Courts are taking anywhere from months to process cases after they've been submitted.

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So its best to get your case started as soon as possible, so that you can expunge your record as soon as possible. Our specialization is expungement and we have handled many cases similar to yours. For our Illinois Expungement service, we have a flat fee that comprises all costs excluding filing fees. The first thing we do when we get your case is do the necessary research.