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Go to sexoffenders. Sex offender registration and community notification laws are the product of and reaction to a series of apparently sexually motivated killings and assaults in the 80s and 90s.

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The site was relaunched with a technology refresh and received over , page views on the first day it went live. Users can search for offenders within a geographical area, receive email alerts, and use a phonetic search to include sounds-like matches rather than an exact match to a name. In partnership with the website, a free Hawaii Sex Offender Search mobile app was also released and has been the recipient of 2 awards since launch.

The Sex Offender Search mobile app is easy to use and provides an important public service.

Section E-2 - Registration requirements a A covered offender shall register with the attorney general and comply with the provisions of this chapter for life or for a shorter period of time as provided in this chapter. Registration under this subsection is required whenever the covered offender, whether or not a resident of this State, remains in this State for more than ten days or for an aggregate period exceeding thirty days in one calendar year. A covered offender shall be eligible to petition the court in a civil proceeding for an order that the covered offender's registration requirements under this chapter be terminated, as provided in section E Whenever a covered offender's public information is made publicly accessible, separate registries shall be maintained for: 1 Sex offenders; and 2 Offenders against minors.

Registration under this subsection is for the purpose of providing the covered offender's photograph, fingerprints, and registration information. Covered offenders required to register in person with the chief of police under this subsection shall register no later than three working days after the earliest of: 1 Arrival in this State; 2 Release from incarceration; 3 Release from commitment; 4 Release on furlough; 5 Conviction for a covered offense, unless incarcerated; 6 Release on probation; 7 Placement on parole; or 8 Arrival in a county in which the covered offender resides or expects to be present for a period exceeding ten days.

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