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I do not like the smoke live wallpapers or the sand ones either.

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I now have an app that I can get new live wallpapers from and they work just like and other HDR photo on the iPhone. Thank you Zedge! Keep up the good work!

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Keep the ads coming! But if you can keep pushing out quality content and all I gotta do to buy that content is watch a 30 second ad, I am good! Zedge used to be awesome however now they have demonstrated that they are strictly about nothing but money. Five dollars and up for any respectable wallpapers. I am generally happy to pay for things like this but not that kind of money. Wallpapers are cheap and easy to produce. The whole software industry has become a fat bloated pig with nothing but rip offs in mind. Developers are grossly overpaid for the simplicity of their job. I deleted zedge from my phone therefore I will no longer use or recommend their product.

A very good alternative for a person with some data recovery experience It was very user-friendly and easier to use than other recovery software that I have used in the past I'm a volunteer repairer at a UK Repair Cafe which is a world-wide Charity that repairs things for free to avoid landfill and CO2 and to help people that don't have the skills to do their own repairs.

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I was asked to recover a lifetime of business and personal photos about 2, from a phone memory card that had become seriously corrupted and had never been backed up! Tried everything I have and was about to give up when I tried Recoverit. It must have read every viable bit on the card and reassembled every photo over a period of about 4 hours. An absolute miracle for the owner who couldn't have been more grateful.

It isn't a tool for novices but if you have the patience to understand how it works and to wait for the results it might just be a miracle for you too. One day, like many photographers do, I accidentally formatted my memory card before transferring the images from my hard drive. Immediately, I hopped online to find a cost effective way to save the images because, being a traveling photographer, the pictures were taken in a state that is 8 hours away so it wouldn't be an easy redo.

Thankfully, I found Wondershare Recoverit for less than the cost of one hour of shooting. Such a lifesaver. I had a HDD die - couldn't even see it in bios.

Download free wallpapers for mobile phones. Many mobile pictures and screensavers.

I downloaded the free trial of Recoverit and could see thousands of recoverable files. I purchased the Recoverit software and was able to restore over gb of data I thought was gone forever. Highly recommended for corrupt or unreadable data you need to get back.

Select Download and Launch Recoverit. While free static images are great, what was missing was a tool that enables non-technical folks to use all the emerging javascript libraries to create unique images of their own. Working as a designer for several startups Cool Backgrounds helps solve some basic design problems for marketers and social media managers, but design is an ongoing need. In addition, the recently launched Service List allows companies to get unlimited graphic design help whenever they need it.

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You send them a design task and a few days later the services send it back to you ready for feedback. We often use them for quick design iterations or smaller design tasks, and the services have given us more time to focus on other business problems. With the increasing visual nature of the web, the background images from this site can be used for a plethora of reasons. Listed here are a few ideas to get the creative engine started.

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  6. With somewhat dry material like HTML code, it's hard to create a compelling image that represents the actual power of that knowledge. Utilizing the javascript library, we added our brand colors and generated a high resolution image that looked amazing. Nearly every social media site has a profile banner that lets you showcase an image at the top.

    Whether you need an image for a Facebook Group, a parody Twitter account, or even yourself, Cool Backgrounds can let you show the world your creative side. One of the primary reasons folks search for background images is to set them as wallpapers on their computers and phones.