Hawaii govenor seals obama birth certificate

Instead it is sent to Kansas City. Villarreal says I did not contact Mr. Clint Arnoldus, Mr. Dennis K. Villarreal Jr.

Hawaii government hands over Obama's birth records - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Villarreal and Victor Villarreal. It is my opinion, that a person trained as a lawyer would verify facts before submitting them in official documentation. Therefore, I can only assume that Ms. Villarreal had a serious lapse in judgment, or she was lied to by those she spoke with. March My complaint to the Dept. Of Ed is refused on the grounds that they do not fund any programs or activities at the Hawaii State Public Library System, and therefore do not have jurisdiction. If the situation is threatening enough to cause a change in levels moment to moment, it stands to my reason, it would remain at a certain level until there is a sufficient enough change or stabilization to bring it to a lesser level.

But that's just me. On the 17th Oct. An investigator tells me it is the policeman's job to "interpret the law". Returning to the station to locate a article I left, I am told by Officer Kahele, in the presence of one officer Hung, and another, that it is mandatory that I produce ID, and that I remove everything from my pockets, and take off my belt before passing through the metal detector. I point out this information is not on the signs, and officer Kahele says there will be no furthering of my purpose if I do not comply. After complying, I am told by officer Kahele that I must sit down, or she will not take my report.

Previous to this occasion , when at the HPD headquarters, I was never asked to remove everything from my pockets and, or to remove my belt, or that I had to produce ID to enter. Officer Lau, the sergeant for this post, tells me the same. I am told by a detective that it is not mandatory to produce ID, "We don't care who you are.

Anyone has the right to come in here". Sergeant Lau, who I am told is the officer in charge of the post says depending on the threat level, procedures may change day to day. He says one may b e required to remove everything from ones pockets etc. I inform him that on the same day, when I was there previously, I was not required to do so. He inform me that the security level may change from moment to moment. On Oct. Chris Pa. I am surprised to see that this Mr. Pa is not the driver I saw, while laying on the hood of the car and peering through the windshield, and definitely not the man I looked in the face and spoke to through an opened window.

This may be due to the fact that I was not asked to identify the person located, arrested, or cited, on the night of the incident or at any subsequent time, until I see him at the arraignment.

Hawaii’s Governor Takes On ‘Birthers’

I am directed by the presiding judge to inform the prosecutors office, which I do. I still get correspondence from the insurer's agents telling me of medical coverage available, although I told the driver, the responding officer, and previously the insurer's agent, I am OK. I am surprised to get a "Certificate", ala Lens Crafters, and ask is this it? I am told yes by the clerk. Today, on "The Bus" I see a man who says he works at the polls, who tells me there is still a little yellow card that comes in the mail and is surprised to see t he "Certificate".

The driver is looking at me when he accelerates. The driver doesn't wait for police to arrive. They find him at his home. The police rep ort reads Crime Code , which I am told means, a collision with damage of more than dollars. I am told the responding police officer decides if there will be an investigation. This is the place where, those who would complain about wrongdoing are persecuted, harassed, smeared and railroaded.

Where the perpetrators are bribed to keep quiet, or go along with the cover-up, promoted, and transferred. Barack Obama's office, where I sent this same correspondence, that someone from Sen. Akaka's office would contact me, because Sen. Obama's office forwarded the correspondence to them. I have yet to hear from Sen. Akaka's office.

Is Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Fake?

Correspondence to Senator Obama's Office: From: yinsay aol. Mason Thank you for the assistance you have given. Please, do not contact Senator Akaka's office again, on my behalf. Unless there is some necessary secrecy to an investigation he is doing, all I have received from his offices is a letter in response to my inquiring about funds for the Hawaii State Library. My concerns extend much further than this.

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Hopefully, the light being shed on activities in the Justice Department will lend itself to some justice for me. Otherwise, it will be nothing but justice delayed and denied. July 23, An Optometrist, Kim Agena at a Lens Crafters gives me a prescription that is weaker than the one I had for the previous 7 years. Doctor Au, a co-owner corrects this, but when I ask for photocopies of my records the doctor refuses and gives me a hand written "Vision Certificate" instead, that is not signed and does not contain a license number where applicable.

I have made a formal request in writing. They have told me it will be at a cost of 20 dollars for 10 pages, which seems exorbitant and requested that I not seek services at any Optometrists in Lens Crafters. The doctor, Au, is the co - owner along with Dr. Lau, of all the Optometrist offices in Lens Crafters, in Honolulu. In other words, I cannot get an eye exam at Lens Crafters.

Hawaii Gov Will End President Obama Birth Certificate Controversy

Is it considered rude or threatening, to ask for one's records? The advice I get here is nothing but a pack of lies. The local ACLU has written me 3 differing and separate excuses why they cannot or will not get involved, but never the conflict I found below. April I have had two librarians and a circulation clerk tell me there is no report possible for stolen books. They must be lost. This would have caused fees to be incurred by me.

I had to take the police report to the State Librarian's Office to settle the matter and have the fines removed from my account. This all could have been done at the State Library. One because a deposit I made to cover my use of overdraft protection was not credited; they rescinded the "overdraft" and CLOSED my account.

The bank says it had to be held in the account for a day, to be credited. Nowhere in the terms and conditions is this stated. The depletion of the other account, I have been given no reason for. I sent a certified letter to Richard E. The certification number is I look at the track and confirm feature at USPS. COM and there is no record of it having been delivered yet. My case was dismissed May 24, How often does this occur?

A case is dismissed with two days difference between the dismissal date and the termination date, May 26, of the individual filing suit. I will never understand how the three judges that made decisions in this case could not see that it is too complex for anyone who would consider themselves a pro se litigant, which I do not.

This has been an uphill battle against an opponent whose underwriters include a Fortune company, FNF. Emails sent to lawyers: john. I have over time, received calls from persons very distressed by the Hawaii you know In fact I've been out of Hawaii for many months one reason being the hostile and dysfunctional nature of things.

I've even been jailed on a charge it took the Judge when I finally got before one 2 minutes to throw out. That all being said have no ability to be of help to you other than to give you encouragement from this distance. Goemans Mr. Balmer, Mr. Goemans' address is john.

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If he has one, and you know Mr. Goeman's e-mail address kindly forward this to it, please.

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I had intended to stay here when I made the decision to come, and was happy to have found employment relatively soon. I found a job working with a temporary agency for 4 months. I was hired by the client as a regular employee, Sept. On my first day of regular hire, I was shocked to hear, "you know why they hired him, don't you", from one of my co-workers. But, needing to work for a living and being in a strange place, I thought it best to ignore this, after all, I was hired.

At the beginning of my time with the client, Title Guaranty, I was told by the on site supervisor, that if I was to take a particular bus and call her first, "there would be more work".