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The specific frequency and power for the most efficient electrolysis wares form generator to generator. You will have to fine tune the PWM your self but that is simple. You just fine tune the frequency first, by tuning the frequency up until the bubbles from the electrolysis plates start decreasing after you hit maximum bubbles and then go back to the best setting producing the most amount of bubbles and then do the same for the power setting.

It is best to get a powerful PWM at least 35 Amps preferably more. This is necessary because the computer is set up for a regular burn of fuel and compensates for the more efficient and cleaner burn by dumping more gasoline into the engine until it gets the reading it expects which ruins your fuel savings. Gasoline burns better cleaner less waste with HHO gas because the increase burn temperature. You can buy a EFIE on the internet or if you have the skills you can build one.

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  • Hy-Solution: reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

I made a hole for the wires from the PWM to the Brown generator along side the existing electric cables, the I put a peace of metal with rubber on one side around the Brown generator and screwed it to the frame of the car. I drilled a hole in the air intake behind the air filter and inserted the air connector. I then put one way air valve on the hose and connected the Brown generator to the engine. It is all easily accessible bot not visible. Other metals don't cause steel to rust oxidize And you're producing a whole lot of it when you perform electrolysis of water.

Also, tap water has plenty of electrolytes in it.

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The only reason tap water conducts any electricity at all, is because of the electrolytes. Pure water doesn't conduct electricity whatsoever, so buying bottled water just to add electrolytes to it, just seems wasteful when you could have used free, electrolyte-filled tap water. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction.

Stainless steel is required in the plates and any other part, or non-corrosive material such as glass, plastic, etc exposed to the process. It the picture it appears that the container is stainless steel and the plates are also. Second, You would not want to you tap water in some parts as it contains chlorine. Chlorine is a very deadly gas and this a another reason you do not want to use table salt, as it will produce Chloride gas also.

Hydrogen Generators, Boost your MPG and Reduce Emissions

So it is much safer to use pure water. Reply 26 days ago. Reply 4 years ago on Step 2. Only problem with tap water is that there is no control on the amount of electrolytes in it, that's the reason why it is recommended to use DI or de-mineralized water and add an electrolyte typically Sodium or Potassium hydroxide to it in a controlled manner. If you are using that, I urge you to go and look up on the web on the dangers of using those as electrodes! Stainless Steel leaches out Hexavalent Chromium! According to sources, even if it isn't visible, Chromium is leaching out.

Are Hydrogen Cars Still Happening?

According to one person, Stainless Steel is just better avoided to prevent Any chance of Hexavalent Chromium leaching.. Don't Drop stuff. Be Aware of Your Environment. Look Up and Research on how to Safely Handle all these things and activities as well! Even very small quantities are dangerous according to EPA and related gov't groups' fact sheets but you also have to consider the context of frequency of exposure. Though here's hoping that the amount leached off in small scale systems like this overtime is so insignificant, and the spread of it back into the air dilutes the concentration of the dust so much, that it will have no impact on health and not be a problem ALSO : I don't mean to worry you or anybody, but inform about the risks.

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I'm just a person who is worried. If it's been some time, your body's immune system does have an ability to fight against cancer.. I, personally , haven't gone looking enough for anything explicit about anyone getting cancer in this particular way yet, but it does not mean it does not occur! I'm not related to Chicken Little though I do hope I'm just being paranoid.

This just a warning on the internet that hopes to prevent any accident.

The Current State of Play

Like I said, I may be wrong, and this is sort of long I'm pretty sure the additional electricity your alternator has to provide to generate the hydrogen outweighs the additional efficiency provided a. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Yeah he's got a rather poorly designed pseudo electric car.

You rarely see one of thees devices with more than a few gallons of water. Reply 2 years ago. It appears to me as if you are thinking this is a replacement system for normal fuels: It isn't. It's designed as a supplemental enhancer. That's why such small containers are used in the system, and even those last quite some time length of use pending on voltage amount applied. Hydrogen only cars require compressed gas which is more dangerous and a use specific intake system, while the HHO generator system adds an enhancer and not a primary fuel.

On older carburated vehicles no modifications need be done to the intake system other than adding a hose into the air intake, while computer controlled systems EFI will need an O2 sensor tweak, which can be done to already existing engine management systems with a programming module, and with a small enough input of HHO even that isn't required.

The "O2 Tweak" is why it works. You are making a rich air fuel mixture that produces more NOX and damages the engine over time while squeaking out a few percent more energy. This is why all tests of thees devices fail to tell if they are on or off. Really it's only the people who invested time and money into them that say they work and even with that the physics defying mechanisms are diferent for different people.

It's not replicable. It's pseudoscience.

Hy-Solution: reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions

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Hydrogen Generators

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